Say no more to a stuffy nose.

Is this you right now?

Don’t worry, we know exactly what it feels like.

Every time you blow your nose to get rid of all that mucus, your nose just keeps on getting blocked again and again, right?

Maybe you’ve resorted to breathing through your mouth instead, and then woken up with your throat feeling extremely dry.

Or perhaps you’ve been using over-the-counter (OTC) nasal spray from Watson and Guardian, like Otrivin, Nazolin or Nazal, but you find that the nasal spray is less and less effective over time.

If you are using nasal spray on a daily basis, stop.

Nasal sprays are designed to give you temporary relief and help decongest your nasal passages if you are experiencing a slight cold or some minor nasal blockage.

After some time however, nasal decongestants can make your symptoms even worse and eventually lead to a condition known as chronic sinusitis.

Don’t just hear it from us though – let’s hear what a qualified general practitioners have to say about nasal spray:

Overuse of nasal spray that contain the active ingredients oxymetazoline and pseudoephedrine can thin the tissues of the nose and lead to more frequent nosebleeds. Using decongestant nasal spray for too long or not as directed can lead to a situation known as rebound congestion, where blood vessels in the nose swell more than before.

Craig Sorkin, Family General Health Practitioner

Not to worry, we have the solution to all your nasal and sinus congestion issues.

Our 100% steroid and drug free saline nasal spray is designed to moisturise and reinvigorate your nasal passages, helping you breathe better, think clearer and sleep deeper.